Hi I have RRMS and suffer with a lot of sensory symptoms,the main one being the ms hug which now seems to be affecting my breathing. I’ve been to a@e just to make sure there wasn’t anything else to explain these symptoms. Does anyone have this symptom of being crushed or encased in an iron brace which seems to stop me from taking a full breath and have any advice.

thank you Hazel x

Hello Hazel. I feel you’ve come to the right place…

Hi Carraboy, I’m glad! It’s so hard sometimes to explain these painful symptoms that are invisible to everyone else!

It is. I’ve yet to enjoy this particular gift. My shins/knee often feel like they’re fracking for oil in them. It keeps giving

hi hazel

the hug is a misnomer (a wrong or unsuitable name for something).

hugs are warm and cuddly but the MS hug is excruciating!

it is caused by the intercostal muscles (those tiny ones between the ribs) going into spasm.

muscle relaxants such as diazepam, baclofen etc help a bit but the hardest thing is to find a comfortable position to rest and relax.

experiment with cushions and pillows e.g. under your arm.

hot water bottle may help.

it doesn’t last forever but each minute feels like an hour.

if you are in employment you will need to take time off so talk to your GP.

good luck

carole xx

Thank you for your advice I’ll try the cushions to see if they provide any relief xx