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Hay from Kent ❤️

Hello Newbie here ,

I moved to Kent (Rochester area) in 2020 just before lockdown , wondered if there was anyone around this area that would maybe like to chat meet up in future?!!! Feel lonely since moving here as my friends live in south east London and since shielding/covid I’ve had walking issues and too scared to go out on my own without my partner

I only 35 :sob:

Hope you’re all having a nice morning so far x

I’m nowhere near Kent, but thought I’d say Hi anyway. Hope you feel less isolated soon. If you can’t get out easily , why not do some Zoom /online call with your mates back in London?
All the best

Also unfortunately not anywhere near, but thought I’d say hi anyway! :wave:t3:

Available for chin wags anytime


Hay thank you , and hope you’re keeping well yourself x

Hay I’m terrible with technology lol my friends are the same as me lol :joy: all work for the nhs and not very good,when having to do zoom training was bad enough and my partner cut off the internet half way through lol

Thanks for the message