Having fun with the girls

I had a lovely day yesterday , Naomi and Laura came to play , Rochelle had an appointment and asked if we’d look after them for the afternoon . I’d ordered some play dough…its a a bit like plasticine but doesn’t go smelly …still gets all over the place but it can mold into to the most wonderful things. We made Peppa pig and snakes and all kinds of interesting things the best was when we made Frazer and Naomi ran around the room saying woof woof , even when his head fell off he was still saying woof , he looked very authentic…he even had a load of the real Frazers hairs stuck to him after he’d been dropped on the floor a few times and then unfortunately he ended up squashed under Laura’s shoe …thats the thing with play dough you can do anything with it …and it ends up everywhere, even Grandad Lee had it stuck to his slipper. It’s a good job I ordered more …When the real Frazer came in the room after the babies had gone he promptly ate the lot …including the very squashed model of himself …it must have tasted good …he’ll be pooing rainbows all day. That reminds me I’ve got aftercare coming from Canine Partners to see how he’s doing…i hope he doesn’t poo on his walk …she’ll wonder what I’ve been feeding him. Michelle and Frazer xx

Lol,thats just how special Frazer is,he can even poo rainbows … J x

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Such a lovely post to read Michelle!

Take Care,

Nina x

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Lovely post to read Michelle, Fraser sounds a real character, and to be able to poo rainbows did make me laugh, thanks.

Pam x

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