Having a c**p day! :(

Hi I’m going through what I take is a relapse (optic neuritis) and feeling pretty low it’s the first since being diagnosed with a CIS last year… I had a drop foot which led to my diagnoses and 4 years before that had ON which I didn’t realise at the time it wasn’t too bad and went away after about 6 weeks( never got it checked out at the time) but this time it’s worse I’ve posted a few times About ON so apologise to be posting again!!..I just feel so fed up, and really low and worried things are going to decline and Its not going to get better its getting worse every day…does everybody feel like this while suffering an attack all positivity goes out the window and just want to cry!’s a pain as I’m self employed and do a job where I can’t not turn up to (do bridal hair) I’m worrying about that too!..does resting your eyes help ON?..also my other symptoms seem worse is that normal?..sorry for the ranting and moaning as I know there are far worse off people than me!!..Emma x

There must be something in the air. I have just posted about feeling the same!! Crap aint it!

Hi just read your post its a blooming struggle to read, I’ve got 3 kids and you have to try and maintain normality!’s the worry of what’s next and is this the start of a terrible decline I cope ok most of the time but this had thrown me…this disease is filterd words!!!..Emma x

Hi Emma, I’ve just replied to nette’s post and I am feeling like you at the mo. My relapse this time has scared me so much as it has been disabling whereas I feel my other 3, although painful and uncomfortable, didn’t stop me in my tracks. It’s the first time I’ve been scared and low about the future but I can only hope that the relapse will become less acute in time and I’m sure yours will also. Are you on DMD’s ? Hopefully they will lessen the chance of more disabling relapses in the future.

Hi yes I’m on avonex have been since last September so it makes it feel worse somehow but maybe if I wasn’t it might have been a worse attack who knows! Just wish it wud hurry up and go :frowning:

You’re not alone, yes I’m also suffering. It feels like it’s getting worser and worser, but each time I visit my doctor. He keeps telling me that it’s getting better and better. I personally don’t know whom to believe - me or my doctor.