Have you got Secondary Progressive MS?

People with Secondary Progressive MS are wanted for a trial.

Here is the link with an application link:


Pat x

I saw an article on the BBC today about that today, it sounds very positive Pat :slight_smile:

Sonia x

Oops, can you tell I get muddled?! holds hand pistol style to side of my head

Hahahha… I read your post through 4 times before I spotted the mistake!

It’s too darn hot to think!!!

Pat x

It’s too darn hot to do anything girls - I can hardly walk or speak! Hoping for cooler weather soon! Teresa xx

HEY what about us guys I am hot as well!!! but being a shy and bashfull sort I dont like to moan but I would like just to mention me swollen ankles the fact it is unbearable in bed plus the sun heats the house so you have to keep all the curtains drawn plus if you drink lots you go lots blah blah blahhh. HHEEEEEEEEE HEEEEEEEEEEEEEE we will soon be say how cold it is . I actually sat on the promenade at Westbrook (near Margate) on Sunday drinking coffee and eeating baconn sandwiches I had to sit in the shade as it was so hot but it was great to see my grandsons enjoying the sun sea and sand

Hi, I got really excited about this and would love to take part but, unfortunately I live in Norwich which is not listed as participating and I can no longer drive to get to the next nearest one. The walking for 20 meters bit I think is somewhat restrictive. I can manage about 2 feet without a wheelchair…! So disappointing but thanks for highliting it. Tracy

Hi, to pick up on summat hoppity said re drinking coffee on the prom…my 35 yr old daughter said it proves you are an official adult, when you drink something hot when the weather is hot!

She doesnt do it and nor do I!


Ha Poll so I’m not adult either… I know in India they drink hot tea as apparently by making you sweat it cools you down. I’ve tried it without success… just get hotter!

Talking of which, I ran my cold tap in kitchen the other day and kept my fingers (on right hand) under the water waiting for it to cool down… but it just seemed to be running very hot. Changed hands and it was running cold.

MS eh? Topsy turvey world.

Pat xxx