Have review with neuro on Mon should I ask for more testing?

Hi I have had a normal nerve/ECG test result and have been informed by letter. I am also seeing a neurologist on Mon for a review. Does anybody know what this means? Will I be referred back to GP or can I request an MRI or something similar. I am still having my original symptoms and am getting infections water/ear quite a bit in the last few months which I never really had before. I don’t want to come across as a hypochondriac to the neurologist but I just feel something is still not right. Any advice would be greatly appreciatedxx

Hi, a follow up is usually to discuss results and then decide what, if any, further tests are advisable.

It is good news that the EMG tests are normal, but if you still have problems, then something must be causing them.

See what the neuro says and ask any questions you need to. If you do this in a calm and sensible way, then you shouldn`t be thought of as a hypocondriac.

Good luck.