Has everyone been put into the dark?

Came on this morning and found my interface had been changed to the dark option.
Could you please post clear and simple instructions on how to change this.
I am lucky that I could find the solution without too much difficulty but others could do with help.

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Top right corner you’ll see welcome YourName and an avatar circle icon. Click the avatar icon/circle

From the dropdown follow the right edge all the way down to the icon that looks like the top half of a person and click that

On the left side you’ll see more options, 5th one down is preferences, select that

You’ll see 2 rows of options first begins with Summary and the second with Account. Follow the second row until you see interface and Select Interface.

Under Colour Scheme you’ll have a dropdown box.

Set Regular to Theme Default
Set Dark mode to Same as Regular

Colour should have changed by now. You need to save it so it doesn’t revert next time you visit. To do that use the save button at the bottom

EDIT: Until something is official people can link to this or copy and paste it if needed

Thanks I missed the SAVE step otherwise it defaults back to dark! (Rather than accepting you had made the change and wold not want the default again)

I had solved it for myself after it went back to the default for the second time!

I don’t have that, but the display on my phone has gone wonky today: it’s as if the message text is squeezed into a column half the width of the screen. All the usual forum gubbins around it is normal. Just people’s message text is squeezed.

Screenshot of what it’s doing.

Hello @crd - we’re sorry you were unable to access the dark mode feature on our forum. This issue has now been resolved, please let me know if you’re still having difficulties. Marian (admin)

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