Has anyone experienced methylprednisolone during pregnancy?

Hi I was just wondering if anyone has any experience if methylprednisolone use during pregnancy? I have RRMS and consider myself very lucky in the fact my disease is pretty quiet. However I came off copaxone in Jan this year as my husband and I decided to try for another baby. Everything had been going well so we’ve tried this month but since then I developed some quite nasty sensory symptoms which have affected my walking due to problems with my legs and feet. I spoke to my nurse and she said I needed steroids which I am now on day 3 of 5 500mg oral. I explained I could potentially be pregnant but it was far too early to test and as I was struggling walking and already have a very active two year old, steroids were the best option. I’m just wondering if any one else has ever been in this situation. Research online is very vague due to the ethical issues of this kind if research. I know everyone is different, just wondered what others had experienced and whether it had caused any problems. Thanks

Hi, I’ve no first hand experience of this, however a short time ago, about sept last year I was put on steroids and advised that we were trying for a baby so although I didn’t think I would be pregnant, there was a possibility but like you too soon to tell. The GP said straight away this would not concern here as the steroids do not affect pregnancy and a short dose like this is fine in pregnancy, also many people take steroids on a daily basis for conditions and again these are fine in pregnancy. Hope this helps hun. Oh and we weren’t pregnant anyway. No longer trying for various reasons, sticking with the one now…he’s a challenge on his own, haha. Good luck to you though and hope you get caught soon hun x

Thank you for your reply! I tried to research it but thought it better to go to people with real experience of this instead of trying to decipher what scientists think! It’s a catch 22 situation and deciding what to do for the best is hard but my little boy is here now and I need to be well for him. Thanks very much Nicola x

Yes I relate to that thinking…everything I do now is for my little boy. He’s four in July. Wish if we were going to have another we’d have thought about it earlier. Like I said for a number of reasons we have decided not to now…I am thinking now of ways I can spend that second child money though now :wink: my husband is now panicking!!! X

Oh meant to say hope you feel better soon. I have my first appointment to discuss DMDs on Wednesday, very nervous. But needs must eh? X x x

Thanks, I do feel like I’m getting better slowly. Much more confident on my feet. Good luck with the appointment. Before my little boy was born I was on rebif but my bloods showed I was producing antibodies so I came off, had my little boy, then went on copaxone which has worked really well. DMDs are the lesser of two evils I suppose ;0). Good luck x

I’m swaying towards rebif or extavia… Hoping to start either very soon or after 11th may as I go on hols then. I don’t want side effects whilst on holiday. Little worried about depression as I had slight post natal, more anxiety after having Charlie, although this was attributed to the traumatic birth experience I had x x

Ooh glad your feeling more confident. It’s hard when that’s knocked, I’ve experienced that recently following a relapse which has affected my left leg. Heels out the window now but at least ill be comfy :slight_smile: x x

I know everyone’s different but the only side effects I has from rebif was very slight localised injection site redness and its good because its only 3 times a week compared to my daily copaxone. You can get flu like symptoms with rebif but they recommend taking it at night so you sleep through it. Make a list of questions to take with you and if you’re flying get a letter to take to the airport because the injections need to go in your hand luggage. Have a lovely holiday :0) x

Oh and obviously I ended up producing antibodies which renders the rebif useless. Damn potty immune system ;0) x

Thanks hun. We are going to Devon…abroad next year hopefully x

Hope the weather is good for you. Have a lovely time xxx