Has any thought ever thought.....

Has anyone ever thought that those people in the bible, who got up and walked, or whose blindness was suddenly cured, were not a part of a miraculous cure but just had RRMS. It does make you wonder now doesn’t it?


Wendy… how creepy is that? I just posted a very similar thing on

‘Dropping like flies’. Strange things happen.

Ha Jen x

Yes I know Jen, great minds think alike!


water into wine, feeding the 5,000 - doesnt sound like ms to me…


Sounds like a rave where everyone’s rocked up with a good stash of booze, drugs and a few sarnies in their bags.

Lolli xx

Hi Wendy,

You might have something here. I wonder if this lameness ever occurred every few months, and especially after the Winter like it does with me. Unfortunately, the authors have been six feet under for centuries so we can’t approach their agents.



luv Pollx

I think I’ve been at some of them but I can’t remember…must be cog fog

Liz x