Hardings Syndrome

Hi I’m new here. My wife has Hardings Syndrome. This is MS in association with Leibers Optic Atrophy. Its very rare. Can’t find any information about it except for scientific research papers that I have to pay for. Would love to know more, can anyone help?

Hi, I hadnt heard of Hardings syndrome, so I tried googling it. I did find info on it. have you tried it, or isnt it what you are trying to find?


I have tried Googling Hardings Syndrome the only information I can find are abstracts of scientific papers that I am not sure I would understand if I was to pay to download. I am after a “man on the street” explanation of how it affects, what we are to expect, how different/similar is it to MS, treatments, research etc.

This is what I think I know:

  • It is MS in association with Leibers Optic Atrophy.
  • Leibers Optic Atrophy is an hereditary condition where the myelin sheath of the optic nerve breaks down causing visual impairment and/or sight loss. It is mostly passed to males. Occasionally it is passed to females when it almost ceartainly associated with Primary Progressive MS symptoms.

Be good to learn more.


My Neurologist thinks I have Hardings Syndrome but I cannot find anything on it other than the abstract that want me to pay for it. Does anyone know anything more about it? I not the other posts are from 2014 with no comments so any help would be amazing.

Many thanks :slight_smile:

Hi Amy, as you have tagged on to an old post, you would probably get more replies if you start a new thread on Everyday Living.

I hadnt heard of the syndrome, so I did a quick google.

Yes, loss of vision and demylination of the spinal cord (as in MS) are often connected.

When do you see your neuro again?


Hi, thank you for responding. He asked me to send photographs over to him this morning which is supposed to be reviewing today and getting back to me x