Haramaki - Japanese body wrap

Hi. I suffer from poor circulation , cold hands, feet - reynauds syndrome. Thoughtful daughters bought me a haramaki for

Christmas. It’s a Japanese body wrap- a cotton tube that is worn around the waist about a foot wide. People wear them when doing yoga, pilates, keep kidneys warm, running etc. First used in 12 century!

The idea is that is keeps your core warm and therefore there is enough warm blood to keep your arms and legs warm too.

Been wearing it for several days and didn’t wear yesterday - really noticed cold feet and hands. Back on today, toasty warm again.

I’d never heard of them but just wanted to spread the word.

Jen xx

this sounds fantastic. i bet loads of msers will want one

carole x

Whatever the japanese do it must be good since it is so very rare that people have MS in Japan or place’s like New Zeland.