'Happy heart' ?.....not ms!

Just discovered that is the meaning of the house name we are buying, so quick poll, do we keep it or just stick with the house number?

Trivial question for a Monday morning!

Alison x

Well, superstition has it that it’s unlucky to change the name of a ship. I don’t know whether the same applies to houses, but why take chances. :wink:

It’s a nice name - not ugly or anything. I’d be inclined to keep it (if you’re going to use a name at all, that is - I’ve always made do with a boring old number).


Unless the house number was something cool like 101 or the product of 3 x 23 why bother. If it meant Healthy Heart there are lots of companies which would sponsor you. What is the name, and in what language?



Keep the name-most definitely!

Thistledo is another name I heard of-also think thats brill! (This will do is translation for those south of the Border!)

Ellie x