Happy and sad

Hi everyone

I don’t post very often but I really need some support at the moment. I am feeling both happy and sad, the happy side is my only daughter is getting married on Sunday to a wonderful man but on the sad side she found out she was expecting, planned I might add, just a week ago and with only a couple of days to go and she is rushed into hospital with a miscarriage. As you might expect, she is gutted and very upset. She is now out of hospital and trying to put a brave face on. I have been battleing a relapse for the past few weeks and am feeling very rough so she doesn’t want to burden me. I feel really helpless and don’t know what to say to make things better and it doesn’t help as she lives quite a long way away. Sorry to go on but just needed to get it off my chest as I don’t have anyone to share this grief with.

Oh Suzanne, very sad. My daugher-in-law had four miscarriages in the first few years of marraige (not saying that will happen to your daughter… that was extremely unusual)… but nearly seven years ago she gave birth to a beautiful healthy baby boy.

She will recover and go on and have a healthy baby, and keep in mind that she now has a man she loves, and who loves her, to help her through this and share her pain. This will of course be the first of many bridges they have to cross together… but that’s what it’s all about isn’t it.

Let them get through this together. Step back love… hard I know but you need to keep your strength up for Sunday and she needs to share this and get through this with the man she is marrying.

Love and thinking of you,

Pat x

Hello, I just wanted to say that 13 years ago I had a miscarriage. A very much wanted pregnancy which ended at 15 weeks. We were devastated and the next few months were very dark and miserable. But time eases things and the following year I was pregnant with my now 12 year old daughter. 3 years later her baby sister came along.

It is an awful thing to happen. You never forget. At the timeI had a letter from a lady in her 60’s who had a misscarriage 40 years ago. There is nothing yo can say or do - just listen. When she’s ready they’ll try again. I look back now and accept its life and that it probably happened for a reason.

You say he’s a wonderful man, well they will deal with this together and come to terms with whats happened. I’m sure a precious baby will come along soon.

Take care