Half Price Magnesium!

Hi all, hope you are all having one of our better days.

Whammel kindly replied to one of my earlier posts regarding terrible leg spasms during the night and he recommended using Magnesium. This has been truly brilliant and my leg spasms have become much easier to cope with. It has also reduced my blood pressure.

I order through Healthspan as Whammel suggested and I noticed yesterday that they are offering it at half price so instead of costing £8.95 for three months supply I get it for £4.47. This offer ends 15th November.

If you want to take advantage of this offer you have to put into google “Healthspan half price offer”. It doesn’t show up if you go straight into Healthspan website.

Thanks again Whammel.

Shazzie xx

Meant to add when you go into the google Healthspan half price offer you will be given a code to enter when you buy.

Shazzie xx