Had my first MRI yesterday!

Hi everyone - I’m new here and I am in the ‘limbo’ stage of diagnosis. I had my first MRI yesterday which was on my brain and spinal cord so I am just waiting for the results. I suppose I am just curious - how did you stop thinking the worst? I am the biggest worrier in the world so if anyone has any meditation techniques, I would be eternally grateful :blush: Thanks in advance x

My guess is that a meditation teacher would advise that sometimes you just have to sit with the discomfort. There is no magic trick that makes this feel OK. Unless one is a Zen master, I suppose, but even then…

I hope you get some clarity about your situation soon.

Hello, I think its natural to worry and we all have challenges to stop our minds working over time. For me I came to the conclusion the scans really just put a name to what maybe going on or may even rule things out. It’s easy to say don’t get stressed we all know its not easy.
What will be will be and maybe having a name will help you put your mind in order but it can be a long journey and maybe not as awful as I am sure you mind is painting.

Good luck


Thank you for your replies alison100 and James4. I had a call yesterday to say that my neurologist wants to see me this coming Wednesday! Fingers crossed I’ll take something positive away from this :slight_smile:


Thank you for the update, and good luck for your consultation next week.

Hopefully you’ll be pretty quick in getting a diagnosis!

The best way to stop worrying and thinking the worst is to stop being on MS forums, and also ban Dr Google. whatever it is will eventually show itself. The MRI could be non specific then you have to get more tests and so on and so forth. Usually there is a criteria to diagnosing MS, the MacDonald criteria and that can take months even years to be fulfilled. so if you want to survive the waiting, watch some series on netflix, amazon or paramount i am watching CSI at the moment the gore is quite refreshing and I find myself laughing at some of the story lines as they are just riduclous. I know but what i am saying is just do normal things before you got your MRI.

youtube has some good meditation stuff, i love listening also to Native indian music i find it quite calming but not because of my MS nope to get me through constant bickering from family lol.

IMHO. xx

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