Had enough now anus horribilis

I really have had enough now, this has had to be one of the worst years ever battling with this disease I really do hope 2013 is a better year for me & my fellow MS sufferers. My legs are like pot lead (stiff & heavy) I’ve had the MS Hug more times than I care to remember, tight feeling like tight elastic bands around my ankles, blurred vision - left eye and the worst fatigue ever. when will it end, it’s not helped by the fact that I look ok to everyone therefore it’s business as usual - can I will I, would you?? Arghhhh I could scream. I’m too nice/polite for my own good and very rarely say no to anyone including my kids who just don’t get it at all!. It’s been a struggle I can tell you, but I’ve fought through the pain tried to carry on and cried a lot. Oh well hubby home tommorow on leave for 4 weeks so maybe that will take the pressure off a little bit. Looking forward to seeing him it’s been a while 9 1/2 weeks :frowning:

Sorry you’ve had had such a rough year Bambi! It is so tough to keep going everyday isn’t it? But we just do because we have to - especially when there are children in the picture! So glad your hubby is coming home - hope thatwill ease the pressure and that you can get more rest! Kids really find it hard to get their heads round it, don’t they? Thinking of you, Teresa xx

Thank you Teresa it is hard with the kids they have never known me any different and I don’t feel like I’ve been a fun mum for them either, even though people would argue that and say I’m a brilliant mum, just how I feel. Don’t think they understand or even want to (nothing worse than seeing your mum struggle) but they dismiss it either way. I know I’ll get respite once my hubbys home, he always insist on looking after me - says it’s his job and what he signed up to when he married me :slight_smile: lol just wish he got home more often. Sue xx

I do get fed up with my kids sometimes when they watch me struggle and let me! I don’t feel that I’m a fun mum either, especially to my youngest who has only ever known me like. Glad your hubby will look after you when he gets home - make the most of it! Teresa xx

Teresa As your youngest has never known any different he probably dosen’t even think of you not been a fun mum, which I’m sure you are in his/her eyes I think it’s just us that worry to much! Hope you have a great Christmas & a happy & healthy 2013 xx

Thanks a lot Bambi - hope life will get much easier now that hubby is home! Happy Christmas to you and your family and a great 2013! Teresa xx

You are mum…thats all kids need.

They will love you both no matter what and you are the only one they will ever have.


Thanks Pip - it’s how you feel yourself sometimes isn’t it? I long to be the Mum I was to my three eldest boys, to my youngest son now but I just can’t! Teresa xx

Or to be more positve you have a unique relationship with him over the other two.


Hi hun. This year has been an extra difficult one for me too. So I am starting 2013 with a new mindset.

No more testing to find out whats up with me. No more waiting for test results. No more being stressed by a variety of neuros and their yes it is, no its not MS. I am not asking anymore and if they start again, Ill tell them politely No thankyou.`

Im accepting of my spinal cord damage diagnosis and thats a weight off my mind.

Sadly I have a new opinion of my 2 daughters. They proved their worth when me and thier dad were stuck a few weeks ago.

I wont ask them for help ever again. And I dont feel i should feel bad about that either.

Roll on 2013.

much love Pollx

Hi Poll I love reading what you have to say on here, and more often that not have a little chuckle at your post’s too :slight_smile: That’s sad to hear regarding your daughters, but I do understand why you feel that way. I wish for a better year for all sufferers regardless of what disease/condition they have including your good self - lets hope 2013 is a better year for all of us. Hubby’s home now so that’s me in a better place already :slight_smile: Love Sue xx

Really pleased things are already easier for you Sue. Teresa xx

Thank you Teresa him been home just takes the pressure off me a little - no more havi,ng to do it all on my own Sue xxxx

Hopefully you will feel well whilst he is home as stress can upset this illness! Teresa xx