Had a nightmare with stair lift sales people?

A national radio producer (Radio 4, You & Yours) has been in touch about a story they are working on- it’s about stair lifts following a Which? report that found that four out of ten people were unhappy with the process, particularly pressured or hard selling.

Have you had a poor experience buying a stair? Would you be happy to talk about it on radio? If so let us know your contact details (via private message) and we’ll get in touch.

Much thanks


hi stewart

off the subject but i received a private message from a guy offering to give me diet advice.

the worse thing was the message came under the name of fluffy ollie who seems like a nice bloke.

others have posted about this man on everyday living.

i’m more upset about him using fluffy lollies identity.

carole x

Hi Pigpen,

We’re aware that this gentleman has been private messaging people. His profile & content has been deleted and we’re continuing enquiries with regards to this. If there are any developments we’ll keep you informed.

Sorry if this has been upsetting for you.

Best wishes