guilt is overwhelming......

Hi all, I am soooo fed up. I have had laryngitis for over a week and still can’t speak…which is quite a bummer when you are a teacher. I am only working three days at the moment but can’t even manage that this week. I feel so guilty that everyone else is having to cover for me…yet again. I am experiencing new symptoms in my legs…especially my knees. They feel really weak and i feel unsteady on my feet. Do you think this could be a relapse or is it just because i am suffering with this infection? I have not had a relapse since dx and only mild ones before that- ON and sensory problems with my arm- very lucky x I am really sorry to moan but i feel like i cant go on like this anymore- the sense of guilt that i have about everything is really getting to me. I need someone to give me a good slap and tell me to get a grip. i feel like i am losing who i was before dx. advice please!! xx


if you’re struggling you need to talk to your head. They could get occupational health involved. When I did this (I was a teacher for 22 years), I was assessed by Acess to Work who made all sorts of recommendations, including an amazing morotrised office style chair-it impressed the pupils! Of course I know nothing of your actual circumstances but there is help outr there.

Best wishes, Steve.

Thanks steve. My m.s OT is supposed to be seeing my head of department next week and when I can actually speak I will be calling access to work. Hopefully things will get better x x

Hi, Steve has offered some great advice, so I hope work life can be made easier for you.

But the laryngitis will just work through itself, I guess.

luv Pollx