Guilt but what else to do

I have SPMS about 20 years. Partly through boredom I have about 4 g and T a night….I had given up smoking for 6 months but find myself slipping back….I am not depressed but as am unable to do most things I am suffering lack of purpose…however have guilt that my habits have made my ms worse…feeling lost and struggling at what is the point of this

Oh Rosie117, I’m so sorry that you feel this way, I too have SPMS, mine 18yrs to your 20yrs and it’s not easy to live with, my thoughts on this, within limits do whatever it is you have to do, I have a couple of glasses of red wine of an evening, yes like you, I sometimes think…" should I stop " but to be honest I don’t want to, it’s not like I’m getting drunk…NEVER, also there are times when I go 2,3,4 night’s without, my choice again, so not reliant on it. Like a lot on here I suffer with a lot of pain and sometimes this helps me, as there’s bugger all else, so please, please don’t knock yourself, I hope this helps you, chin up and CHEERS :wine_glass:

Jean x

Rosie, I am waiting to hear, In August, if it is now SPMS. I too feel very much like a lack of purpose. And I have more than one drink each night. I know it’s not good for me. I’m hoping better weather and new supportive people in my life will encourage me to try to change some of my less than positive habits.

Hi Rose. Not sure if this is of any help but: on smoking you know yourself that smoking is a bit of a no-no. Are nicotine patches or e- cigarettes any help? On the G&Ts, how about shifting to red wine which is probably a little better/ healthier than Gin (contains ‘healthy’ polyphenols). Get into a new routine of a meal, couple of glasses of red wine and a ‘vape’. And explore different wines ?

Long ago in pre MS days I had a Friday night routine of a meal ( perhaps a different type of ‘ready meal’, a new type of Red Wine, and a film

Sometimes I think did my alcohol abuse, in my young professional years, play any part in bringing on multiple sclerosis?
Well no, RRMS started for me earlier in my youth, before I even picked up my first drink tbf. :beer:

Now in my 40s and teetotal, I honestly feel I’ve now reached the natural disease progession phase: it’s all about stepping up the fight and looking after myself, as best I can these days tbh.

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Please don’t have any guilt about a few of life’s pleasures - keep an eye on the booze but as long as it’s under control and I enjoy a wee drink on a Saturday evening - few guinness for me, I love red wine but it doesn’t like me - plus I smoke about 4 fags a day - yes smoking is bad for you but my choice I guess - smokers have rights too lol - there’s alot of other things in life that are bad for us humans as well but don’t beat yourself up about it.


I agree. And neither do I buy the argument that we ought to give up our guilty pleasures in order to save tax-payers’ money: think of the savings on the elderly care home fees for those of us who depart a bit early because we’ve enjoyed ourselves more than the Government guidelines permitted? :slight_smile: