Guardian: Good article on benefit cuts

This is very good:

Pat x

Sadly, I can only see the situation getting worse, unless the Liberal Party come to their senses and seek a divorce.

Thanks for posting.

This comment took my eye.

Britain is a rightwing cesspit. So many people don’t think and just feel spiteful and vindictive towards people on welfare which is why the government can get away with what’s its doing. They don’t even put 2 + 2 together saying the country can’t afford welfare while the country can afford lowering taxes for the rich and their tax avoidance and evasion. We can still afford so many middle-class entitlements, we can afford corrupt banks, we can afford wars, we can apparently afford a lot of things but not the poor.

Agree Whammel and yes great comment.

Pat x

It`s like reading the most frightening horror story!

luv Pollx

Whats the point of having well clinics when they really would like us all to go to an early grave? Beats me how government can be so cruel and where is the moral argument?

Yes where are all those decenting voices, have they all gone deaf?

Brill comments Whammel. I think we are all so disgusted we cannot quite find the right words.



Very much a case of divide and rule,they have set group against other groups and everyone hoping they won`t be picked on. But we know from history its a matter of time.

Such a shame in our green and pleasant land.