Since just before Christmas, I’ve had a huge improvement in my health. All symptoms have slowly eased up, and then on last Thursday I woke up and could feel the sheets on my foot. I thought the numbness in my foot was permanent, but it had suddenly gone. I have been over the moon.

Today (first day back in work for a week due to horrible cold thing), my leg started to feel heavy whilst I walked around college, & then my foot started to feel weird. This was shortly followed by the dreaded spread of numbness up my leg.

The numbness only lasted 1/2 hour, but the heaviness has remained. I’m so utterly fed up with this. It’s well and truly messing with my head.

On the plus side, the 12 week wait for the ‘urgent’ MRI is over, and I’m going in on Friday. I’m assuming metal fillings are ok? Letter mentions no jewellery, phones etc, but doesn’t mention fillings (& I have quite a few of those!).


Hi Paula,

So sorry to hear of your problems returning.

Fillings are fine. I have hip rep!acements and staples in my spine and they are OK too.

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Phew. That’s good to know (fillings that is, not your extra metal work which def isn’t good).