Groin strain

Sorry, I am still awaiting a further set of tests and don’t see my neuro again until January…but my symptoms have been all down the right hand side…lately I have noticed that sometimes when I stand up, get out a car, move a certain way I feel a strain in my groin, and when I touch it it’s like a bugling muscle…again it’s on the inside of my right leg…I have been on this forum a few times but not lately…getting my second MRI of brain and spine done again in the next six weeks thanks for any help xxx

Hello Fiona

It could be muscular but it’s always best to get these things checked out with your gp to play it safe.

Good luck xx

I agree with Blossom. You don’t know what’s the matter yet, but even those of us who definitely have MS need to remember that not everything that goes the matter with us is MS. Please check things out with your GP.


hi fiona

i get a similar feeling in my solar plexus area (midriff)

it feels like a hernia but doesnt last long.

i had this before my diagnosis with ms.

i’m a medical mystery!!

carole x