gremlins in my eyes

I have a wierd thing happening with my eyes, not serious, but wont mention it to doc incase they misinterpret it and take my drivers license. I keep catching mmovement out of the corner of my eye, like something going past, but never anyrhing there, or i keep thinking i see some one ata glance but its an old coat or something. I had ON last yr, and these last few weeks eyes hurting again, but no loss of vision like before. Had eyes tested couple of weeks ago. Any one else have this or am i just loosing the plot(not sure i ever had it start with)

Thank you

I get that occasionally - almost like a fly has flown past or a hair has escape my immaculate coiffure (ok ponytail) down to the side of my face. I’ve never had ON and to be honest this doesn’t really bother me.

JBK xx

I frequently duck to avoid imaginary branches or objects that I think I see out of the corner of my eye. I have had optic neuritis in both eyes on seperate occassions but this always happens on my right side, which is the eye that recovered completely…