Greetings from Oadby, Leics

Hi all. My name is Peter and i was diagonsed with PPMS in nov 2019 although i have had syptoms since 2015. I had several injuries over the years that masked some of the syptoms and it wasnt until early 2019 that i approached a gp about issues i was having.
I have had a couple of stays in hospital for steroid treatment the last being feb 2020 after suffering issues with vision. The steroids helped to a certain extent but i still have issues with my sight.
Im a 59 year old New Zealander who has lived in the UK since 1982. Just popped in to say hi to everyone and wish you all a great holiday weekend.

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Welcome to the site Peter I hope your sight problems ease soon. I lived in NZ for a number of years in my youth and revisited in 2019. Have you managed to revisit since you settled in the UK? This site is great for friendship and finding out about support to help you with living with MS. Anyway just wanted to say hello and welcome and let you know I’m here to support you if needed. :slightly_smiling_face:Maz

Welcome Peter,

What made you come from New Zealand to the UK ? I’m 80 years of age and was diagnosed with R/R MS in 1986 (at 46 years old. Although I had symptoms as early as 1980, but no definitive diagnosis until I saw a Professor of Neurology at Preston Royal infirmary. I was admitted for 5 days and had all the definitive tests including MRI scan and lumbar puncture and on discharge I was found to have secondary progressive MS, although to me it’s just a label. When SPMS was diagnosed, the Professor thought I should be much worse than I am now. I can only walk short distances and have a manual wheelchair and an electric battery powered wheelchair provided by the NHS after a long fight.

Hope you and all members have a nice weekend although we are told to expect heavy rain in the Lake District where I live. However, if we had no rain then we would have no Lakes.

Kind regards & Keep safe.


Hi Maz and Jim. Thanks for the welcome. I last got home for 3 weeks in 2007 and had a great time visiting family Maz.
How i ended up in England is a long story. short version. my parents were working for UK government in the Solomon islands whilst i was at college in Wellington. I finished college 1 year before their contract ran out so i went to live with them for a year. After the contract they planned to live in England for a while (dad was English) and asked if i wanted to come. as an enticement they were going to holiday in Hawaii, California and New York for 3 months. I had to say yes :slight_smile: . meet and married in England and have a family here although my daughter married an Aussie of all things and lives near Sydney. Thats how i ended up here Jim and that is the short answer. I love the lake district. Reminds me of Rotorua without the smell LOL.

Hi Peter, sounds an interesting life. I worked in Wellington for a while, but I met and married a Christchurch Kiwi and although we have lived all over the world we settled back in Yorkshire. Our son now also lives in Australia about a 7 hour rail journey from Sydney. I love Sydney. Our elder daughter met her husband in NZ but he turned out to be English and they both live here now. I loved Rotorua and one of the benefits of having MS is that I have lost my sense of smell so whilst others were complaining about the sulphur smell I was oblivious to it :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:. Jim it made me laugh to read about the rain in the Lake District this weekend and brought back memories of a holiday we had there camping and our tent got completely flooded - we coped with it as we were much younger then but we always think of rain when we think of the Lake District :smile:

Hi Peter, I live in Wigston, Leices! Its nice knowing they’re others with MS living near to me as I could come to you guys for advice about services in Leices.


Hi Lauren very nice to meet you. I am fairly new to the MS scene and got my diagnosis just before corvid shut everything down. the MS society does have a local representative/volenteer in Ansty. His number is on the website and I have spoken to him a couple of times.

Its sad to now there are others with MS but comforting to know there are others nearby that understand what we are going through. Now that we are getting immunised there will hopefully be support gatherings starting again :slight_smile:

Hope things arent too bad for you.

I am fairly new too only got diagnosed in March last year. I will have a look at that representative! Thanks. Yes it is comforting to know this. Things are too bad to be honest, just started on Tysabri. Hope things are okay for you too.