Greetings from Cinderellie

Hi Folks

Wanted to pass a wee message from Cinderellie to say hello to all who remember her from the last forum. She still pops on now and again to see what is happening but has not registered as yet. A very big hi and thanks from me.


Thats a familiar name. She was a great contributor on the old system. Hope she does join us here. Theres safety in numbers!

luv Pollx

Come on Ellie! Get that registration done!

Karen x

Willie, she should be able to post under her old username - chocorange.

Hey Willie


It would help if I had remembered that I had changed my username to chocorange!!!

Anyway-hello all (eventually!)

Ellie x

Hello, Ellie - nice to see you.



Hey, this is me we are talking about Ellie lol!

Welcome back