Great Pretenders

Wheelchair Kamikaze: The Great Pretender Boy! Did some of this ring true. This blog takes a bit of reading, persevere with it. It’s remarkable how true some of the observations and accounts of life with PPMS actually is and how different we can be inside and outside of our homes and who we are with. Take Care All Xx


Found this interesting and sad really cos a lot of it I connected with, definitely a “great pretender”.

Pam x

Perhaps we all are great pretenders? I know I am, its exhausting too! Nina x

I always perk up in company, whether we’ve gone out or someone has dropped in to see us. Sadly, it’s true that my wife does not seem to count as ‘company’ in the same way. She bears the brunt of my bad days, and it must hurt her when she sees me all bright and smiley with a visitor when I’ve been a miserable old git for the rest of the day. God, I love that woman. She certainly sees me pretending, and understands exactly what’s going on. We decided we need a regular date night, every Wednesday evening we go out for a meal or a drink, and talk to each other. This Wednesday just gone I got so bad in the pub (legs cramping and spasming) I couldn’t pretend I was enjoying myself. We came home as soon as we’d eaten.and I went straight to bed with a hot water bottle. Some date night! Poor Ruthie!

Kev I’m sure Ruth understands you very well, and your date night is such a good idea, I think every couple should have one.

Don’t you all think we pretend all the time, usually without being aware of it, we’ve done it for so long? Every day we smile and laugh and tell people we’re fine while we’re in pain, totally fatigued or shattered after a bad night. Everyone else would say they felt unwell while having to cope with any one symptom we struggle with every day, and we feel quite pleased if we only have a couple of symptoms to deal with.

Please don’t think I’m ready to slit my wrists in self pity, I’m broken today but that’s my own stupid fault for over doing it yesterday. It’s just made me think about how strong and resilient we all are. Well done us!!!

Cath xx