great news for a pal

Hi gang!

Good news today re a friend who has HSP…my condition probably…she is 49 and has been badly affected by HSP. Terrible fatigue, many falls and walks with sticks in a very painful and slow manner…also has epilepsy.

As she is relatively young, she had to go through the ESA debacle recently. She was terrified of being told she had to find work.

Well she didnt even have to go for a medical or interview. She went straight into the support group. Quite right too!

I am so chuffed for her, as she was really worried.

Good, innit?

luv Pollx

Glad she got the result she obviously deserved Poll. I hope it will help to improve her quality of life! Love Teresa xx

Great news

That’s wonderful news Poll, what a relief for her.

What nice news for once Poll. Linda x

Nice to hear good news Poll x


Ta for your replies. can anyone tell me something please?

When I go onto ESA, and presuming (dare I?) I get put into the support group, will I get the same rate as I am on for Incapacity benefit?

I think the answer is yes, but am a bit worried by the first 14 weeks rule.


luv Pollx