Grand Designs

Just watching a man with MS turning an old cave into a home on TV. Stunning. I keep thinking ‘is he mad?’ But he’s incredibly brave. It’s amazing. This man is not allowing MS to have control over his life. Wow.


Just found your post, sky+ to channel 4 +1. Hit record. Cheers. And bloody good for him. Dancing in the rain.

I can do that, but in reverse! I can turn a home into an old cave! Strangely, nobody’s cheering…



Yay Tina !!! (There you go… :wink: )

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But you did get 4 likes on here! Can I sent my son to live with you? - he makes our home look like Stig of the Dump’s! I’m not a terribly neat person but I obviously was a really bad influence on him because he’s 10 times worse …

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Your son would be right in his element, I reckon!

Although one’s own chaos is always easier to put up with than other people’s, so I’m not sure how tolerant I’d be if it wasn’t caused by me!

My mum was (is) a bit OCD with cleaning and housework, so rather than taking after her, I think I’ve rebelled and gone the other way.

Although, paradoxically, I think we both have a problem with perfectionism. In my case, it has led to my sometimes not attempting things at all, if I think I can’t do them perfectly. Obviously, with ill health taking hold, I’ve increasingly fallen well short of “perfection” - especially with physically demanding tasks like cleaning and housework. When I realise the impossibility of doing it to the standards I demand of myself, I end up not doing it at all.

I only really posted as a joke, but there is a serious side to it. I need to learn that “OK” would be better than nothing, and you don’t have to give up altogether when you realise it won’t be as good as you’d like.



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You just need a ‘f*ck it, that’ll do’ mode. Especially as you’re on your own dude! Who’s gonna know? Are the Borrowers going to be offended ? No ! Embrace your inner Thailand. … Phu… pretend it’s Joey’s place… Now, where’s my Mexican wave…???