Grand Designs

Hi everyone. While I was daydreaming yesterday I had this thought: if you could design and have your own property built (money no object), what would you have? Bearing in mind our MS some of the things I would have are:

A large single storey property, big rooms, wheelchair friendly kitchen, wetroom

Then once you are built and moved in - what about help?

I’ve got loads more. Roll on winning Euromillions lol! Linda x

This is very near to my ideal house, but with all necessary adaptations and the addition of an indoor swimming pool! The glass would have to be the sort that, at the touch of a button, you can make it so that no one can see in.

As far as help is concerned, we wouldn’t need any as we are such a tidy, organised family… Oh, no that’s not right …Sorry we’d need as much help as we could get!

It would be nice to have my own personal driver (can’t remember how to spell the posh word!) and “fitness coach”. And a gardener, I nearly forgot the gardener.

Now pardon me while phone my husband and ask him to buy a lottery ticket :slight_smile:

I use this dream/plan to get me off to sleep at night. I call it “perfect world”. The scenario is that it’s a perfect situation (by the sea but no tourists, near the shops but no traffic etc etc) I plan each room and what I would have to make my life perfect. One of the things I would really like is a sit up bath, you know the sort in a little cabinet. I have a wet room which is great but there are times that I yearn for a bath. That’s just one of my wants - there are so many!


agree Teddie, a swimming pool would be brilliant with an on-site live-in masseuse to massage aching limbs.

A one-storey place high up on the hills with the sea at the bottom and Yorkshire in the far distance!..oh and a helipad on the roof to meet ones personal travel needs.

I could go on…

l hope you have all bought your EuroMillions lottery tickets!! A couple from Scunthorpe have just won it for the SECOND TIME!

I mentally plan my Grand Designs house at least once per month, while I’m waiting in for the premium bonds people to knock on my door with my £1 million win. It hasn’t happened again this month, maybe 1st of May?

I waver between 2 designs, either on a big plot of land where I can have a swimming pool and a gym set up with all accessible equipment (and a personal trainer of course), or with a sea view, either a single storey direct sea view house (maybe a 2 storey with a lift to make the most of the view) or a pent house apartment (with a lift) so long as it has a big terrace and preferably a pool on site. Living near the sea it has to be a consideration as there a few newly developed apartment blocks that I see often and I’m rather envious of.

Meanwhile if I win £25 I’ll be happy and make do with my current house which is absolutely fine.