GP nurse "What's wrong with your legs?"

Went for that GP annual check-up thing this morning with the practice nurse.

After she had me up to weigh & measure me she did actually ask ‘What’s wrong with your legs’… LOL… read the notes!

We then had the following bizarre conversation:

Nurse: After calculating all your risk factors according to this you have a 30% risk of dying.

Me: No… I have a 100% risk of dying. So do you. So does everybody. We are all going to die. It’s 100% certain.

Nurse: er er er… oh… er… I never thought of it like that…

Poor lass. Didn’t mean to freak her out.

Pat x

Hi Pat,

Hope you don’t mind me haunting this forum from time to time, even though it’s not for me!

I suppose they can’t go back through ALL the patient’s medical records, since the year dot, but you’d think they would have access to basic circumstances, such as any long-term/permanent conditions!

How bizarre, about the percentage chance of dying! They must mean within a fixed time period. If they meant within a year, I’d be worried. But if it’s 5 years, 10 years, 20, I suppose it depends how old you are now! If you were 90 (I do realise you’re not!), “only” a 30% chance in the next two or three years would be really rather gratifying, I should think!

This topic reminds me of a reader comment I saw on the BBC website, in response to the “processed meat” scare. During the study, 17 participants had died. And someone quite justifiably and somewhat humorously pointed out that after the study, ALL of the rest will die. As per your observation!



Hi, myself and husband went for these tests a few months ago and it made me laugh. Apparently what it means is that out of 100 people of your age (me 49 hubby 54) they calculate how likely you are to have a heart attack, stroke etc within the next ten years. The nurse told me I was a model patient because mine came out at 1 per cent the best score that she had ever seen. This seemed funny as I cannot walk, arms are really weak and I cannot grip and I have no bladder control. My husband’s came out at 17 per cent and he got a lecture about his lifestyle and got given a diet sheet. He is never ill and the last time he went to the doctors which was about five years ago the doctor said she had to blow the cobwebs off his records because he hadn’t been for so long. Anne x.

Hi Pat, For a nurse she sounds like a bit of a dur brain! Help! I usually find most nurses really kind and helpful but she gives them a bad name. I love the way you put her in her place but you weren’t out of order at all - just speaking common sense. Hope you don’t get her again! Teresa xx

Oh Pat, I just had to laugh (partly in despair, I admit!)

How could the nurse not have known you had MS? Doesn’t she look at the notes at all?

And I too loved your response to the 30%.


Oh Pat, this is quite laughable!

the nurse should `ve got the jist of your condition, even if she didnt know all the ins and outs, eh?

I love the answer you gave her.Silly lass. Was she about 12?

luv Polllx

I know it was funny… poor kid. She only looked about 15.

But hey 70% chance of NOT dying! Not bad odds eh? I’d put money on odds like that… lol.

Wonder how many really healthy people have been told they’ve only tiny percent chance of dying and walk out of surgery and get hit by a bus??!!!

Rant alert: the whole care system for old people is falling apart… pension crisis… care homes are awful… dementia is at all time high… home care can be pretty appalling… and the NHS seem to be obsessed with making us all live as long as possible!!!

Pat x

15 years ago my twins were born. I went to GP for 1st checkup with them in matching suits although one blue and one pink. The GP said ‘Oh you had a boy and girl, how lovely - are they identical?’

Moyna x

Oh Moyna that’s fab…

Pat x

Pat, you are an angel

So, you are really healthy apart from the MS!! Was my lasting comment NHS wise (actually wise didn’t come into it)M

Oh Moyna, I can relate to that. Being a girl with a twin brother, I still unbelievably get asked that now!

My reply - ‘No. I don’t have a willy’


Hi Moyna and Hils, It seems incomprehensible that people would ask such a question but a GP. I don’t think I would retain much faith in his/her medical ability! Teresa xx