GP has MRI report - wants to see me ?

Hi all…

the wait to see Salford is 17 weeks so the GP was concerned and sent me for a head only MRI at my local hospital. It’s been some weeks and the results are in they have asked to see me to discuss. I know I’m being a drama queen and how would anyone know but do you think it’s general practice to call all patients back in to discuss all MRI’s regardless of anything has been found etc? I can’t get my appointment until the end of next week and the receptionists were adamant I couldn’t discuss it or have the results over the phone with a nurse etc.

Sorry for the stupid question xx

I’d imagine it is normal procedure to speak to the patient and discuss the results. Try not to worry until there is something to worry about - but then of course worrying won’t change anything anyway.

Is it the GP asking to see you or do you have an appt. with a neuro?