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I hope your presentation goes well and I don’t mind if you directly quote my experience.

I’m still in full time employment (university lecturer) and use my DLA to help with my mobility. I have a definite MS diagnosis and am now classed as Secondary Progressive and have been awarded indefinitie DLA - so I’m a definite indefinite! I have a specially adapted vehicle with an automated ramp as I’m a wheelchair user. I rely on the DLA to help pay for my mobility needs which help with my incluson in society. I live in a rural area and without the DLA Motability component I would be isolated. I am unafraid of any assessment (when the changes come) or of anyone who is going to assess me, but I am afraid that their decisions might take away my ability to partiipate in life. If I can’t participate in life then for me there would be no point to it, I couldn’t remain housebound and would consider assisted suicide as an option.

Best wishes, Mary