got the t-shirt........

We all have heard the saying “been there, done that, got the t-shirt” well I believe I’ve got it. Obviously being fairly new to ms I read as many of the books that were available. /so when I saw this t-shirt it was to me the next step.

I wish that I could post a picture of it, but I can’t so here are the words that are printed on it,

The floors hate me

The table and chairs are bullies

The walls just get in the way

I saw this and just had to have it, it’s great I walk/stumble down the road, I get the “Look”, so I turn just enough so they can read it, I then get a smile or laugh.

I don’t know if it changes what they are thinking, but it gives me laugh.


Love it… It’s good when you can remain upbeat despite the daily challenges. Wear it with pride. Cath x

I love a good t-shirt.

Some examples of mine:

MSunderstood. I wasn’t listening so I’ll just smile and hope for the best. I don’t want to I don’t have to you can’t make me-I’m retired. Keep staring, I might do a trick.

I think I have an addiction.


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“It’s rude to stare”.

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