got more than bargained for

Hi all

went to my appt and thought I would tell you how it went.

New consultant (very nice man, my other one left), asked my story again, and looked at results, and said I was a complicated case as I have 3 things going off in brain at the same time. He talked about the lesions and my leg weakness and tingling etc and said he is almost sure I have MS, and would say yes if someone pinned him down to a diagnosis, I am having one more MRI to look closely at the lesions rather than the whole brain.

I also have ideopathic intracranial hypertension, nothing to do with the MS, and then he said I have a narrowing of a vein in my brain either caused by the pressure I had, or I could have been born with it and they are getting an expert in that field to have a look at the MRI/MRV cerebral veins I had done.

So, looks like I am here to stay , at least for now.

Glad you are here

Clare x

That’s a lot to take in! {{Hugs}} Clare!

Thinking of you, more than you need to cope with at once Keep us updated x

you’re in a good place. it is a good idea to compare symptoms and experiences, as i’ve found myself. sorrry to hear of your dx but is good to be prepared.

Thanks everyone, i know its not an absolute diagnosis, but for now its as near as I am going to get.

I love this site, lots of lovely people and help here.

Clare xx