Got brain MRI Monday looking for TIA. Would this show lesions?

After 2 days of suspected TIAs. Neuro at stroke clinic suggested RRMS??

Neuro has ordered brain MRI within 5 days of seeing him.

May question is if he’s asking the peeps doing the MRI to look for signs of TIA would that particular type of MRI spot MS lesions?

Woukd the slices of scan be detailed enuf to pick up MS lesions if he’s looking for evidence of TIA

Just wondered as it was him that suggested my symptoms were indicative of MS and he said he thinks TIA unlikely coz I have very healthy lifestyle and low cholesterol

What are you guys thoughts? Rizzo, any ideas? Xxx

Rizzo hasn’t been seen here for a couple of years, at least! (I’ve no reason to believe she’s not OK, though).

So you’ll have to make do with the rest of us.

In my opinion, they will look for ANY abnormality that may explain things - not a particular one.

And besides, if the neuro doubts TIA, and suspects MS anyway, why would he instruct only to look for TIA? It would seem counterproductive to ask Radiography only to watch out for the thing he doesn’t think you’ve got.

I believe it will pick up TIA or MS lesions, and if he’s not sure himself which it is, it would be stupid to commission a scan that only looks for one of them.

Hope this helps.


I do not know. What I do know from personal experience, however, is that a person with MS can suddenly get symptoms that might be a stroke instead, and then the MRI confirms no stroke, only the old MS like usual!


Thanks Alison. It seems a few peeps have gone on to hospital with stroke symptoms and been dx with MS.

I will update after MRI. Presuming results will take a while.

Just wasn’t expecting neuro to suggest RRMS. Went to a stroke neuro and he def leaning towards MS not TIA.

Ty for replies though I’ll update again soon xxx

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