Got a consultant appt tomorrow

I presume I will get results from the 8 vials of blood and lumbar puncture. Do you think if I ask they’ll give me a printout of whatever they send to my GP? I know I should take a family member with me but feel it’s so personal that I prefer to go alone.

Hi Tricky,

You should get a copy of whatever they send to your GP anyway - I always do. I’m often frustrated by how much of it is wrong or missing, but that’s another story.

I believe their professional guidelines say you should be on copy. It can be some time after the appointment before it’s typed-up and comes through though, so don’t expect it by next morning.

If you never do get your own copy (not all of them are that hot on it), you can ask to see it at the doctor’s anyway. They’ll charge you photocopying if you want a copy to take home, but shouldn’t charge anything if you just want to look at it on the premises.

I’ve never wanted to take anyone with me, either. It wouldn’t be practical in my case anyway, as all relatives are at least 100 miles away. But like you, I’ve always felt it’s my thing to deal with, and that I’m actually calmer on my own.

I haven’t kept anything from friends or family: I was diagnosed with MS, and have been completely open about it. But I still didn’t want to drag any of them along to appointments. That seems a bit peculiar, in comparison with others here. But some things, I just handle better on my own.



Thanks Tina. Yes, I would prefer to process the results myself first but am worried I won’t remember all I’m told, hence hoping I can see a copy of what they send to the GP.

Thanks for the advice. At the moment I’m more concerned with feeling awful with my neck after the lumbar puncture. I wonder if they can give me anything to deal with that as it’s horrible!

Can’t help on the LP, as I never had one, but I think folks here have recommended caffeine. Diet coke is one that crops up a lot - rich in caffeine. T. x

Ah okay thanks, I’ll keep drinking it but doesn’t help with my sleep pattern lol x

LP results usually take a while so I doubt you’ll get that yet. I’ve just answered your other post - don’t forget to ask the neuro about your head/neckache!

If you want copied into the letters to your GP (which you should be anyway), just ask the neuro to please ask his/her secretary to cc you.

Good luck!

Karen x

Thank you for the advice, will do x

Had my appointment and the consultant seemed quite happy that my bells palsy-like symptoms had mostly disappeared.

I did however have a larger than expected number of white cells in my spinal fluid (apologies if I have terminology wrong here!) indicating an inflammation of the CNS. I was sent for two more blood tests straight away (ANA and ANCA I think it said?) and have to go back for a neck scan at some point and also a light something or other test?

I’d better wait for the copy of the letter to come because although it seemed clear at the time, as you can tell I’m struggling to know what I’m talking about here!

Either way, I feel strangely pleased that nothing is confirmed as still live in hope that it’s just a virus and not MS (despite the MRI!).