Goodbye techfidra - welcome back copaxone

Hi guys - salutations of the season - had my neuro appointment yesterday and after coming off techfidra (due to low blood count) I had a choice between aubagio or copaxone - so chose copaxone as quite a few blood tests required with aubagio - went for the 3 times a week option rather than the everyday jabs - will be the new year before I get started again - I was on copaxone for years previously anyway.


I’m restarting Copaxone as well in the New Year. I was on it for years, then nothing (waiting for Tysabri, which by the time I got it, gave me Hepatitis!) then Tecfidera (eventually), came off that due to low lymphocytes, then nothing as it was thought I’d transitioned to SP.

Now I’ve had two relapses this year, back to the neurologist to discuss. I was offered Gilenya or Copaxone due to my side effects history. I’ve opted to start Copaxone as I know I had no side effects with that. If I keep relapsing I can hold Gilenya in reserve.


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Thanks Sue - Copaxone was my favoured option as well