good news bad news

hi everyone- hope you all are happy and as well as be expected with this poxy condition that we’ve been blessed with

had to come home early again due to fatigue, which is really irritating especially as the cover woman (i work in a school) huffs and puffs when i have to leave work. i did point out to her (twice) that i have no control over my MS. i am now going to speak to her line manager (not so that they can fight my battle- would always do that myself!) to say that i will now only email cover ‘lady’ to let her know if i have to leave at all so she doesn’t have the chance to irritate me with her ‘sensitivity’. btw this is also the same woman who had a pop at me that she couldn’t read the cover work that i had to handwrite- i understand that she couldn’t read it, but theres a way of doing these things. blimey, we get enough abuse from some of the kids (i teach secondary- nuff said) without her chipping in! rant over.

however, on the positive side i have been accepted for a blue badge, and without having to be interviewed/ prodded and poked etc. either. thank god cover woman didn’t process the application, as she’d have not only denied the badge but probably also would have insisted on a thorough rectal examination with tabasco-infused gloves…

every cloud eh?

big (non-MS) hugs to all, fluffyollie xx

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hi fluffyollie

this cover woman - what does she do? does she take your class? like a supply teacher?

if so, who the ffff does she think she is?

there’s always one in every workplace, the tutter with the poor little put-upon me look.

anyway you made me choke on my cuppa with the tobasco covered gloves!

happy parking with your blue badge.

carole x

Thanks Carole that’s exactly what I think as well. I get on well with the vast majority of people who I have worked with, but she really is a power hungry old bat. From what I’ve read I am perhaps being naive expecting understanding (not pity, assistance or help ) especially when the badge gets used. Some people see a person who, crutch-aside, looks well but can’t work due to ‘being a bit tired’. Grrrrrr…

If it’s part of her position to cover then she should be glad you’re keeping her in work. Wouldn’t want part of her role taken away she might find herself re assessed and downgraded.

Take as much time as you need. Stupid woman should walk in our shoes for a day that’d soon shut her up!

Smile and the world smiles with you

Jan x

I know exactly what you mean… theres some strange people i can’t work them out, interestingly i find that some of the secretarys at my daughters high school are awful! they have a sweet sickly way of talking and they are completely unhelpful…Um well your daughters now in high school why are you bothering us! and they look at you as if theyv’e been chewing on a wasp! why do they employ these people?? I had an awful time at the last parents evening because they hadn’t bothered to pass on the fact that i have mobility problems (wheelchair user) Athough saying that her form teacher is lovely, Shes only in year 7 and its been a real learning curve for both of us, she really misses primary school and i miss it too the teachers there are so much friendlier

Well done on getting your blue badge! brilliant news and glad you didn’t have to suffer the humiliation of being poked and prodded, Dont let this woman get you down you are doing well to be still working and should feel proud of yourself>

Michelle x

Hi fo

This ‘cover woman’ sounds like she could do with warming up with a tabasco infused rubber Love…up the you know what…not that I condone violence yah knows…it’s just a joke…sort of

Great news about the blue badge

Stay cool


Grrr, I get your drift hun!

Get her sorted!


Hi Poll, Blossom, Michelle and Jan,

thanks for your messages- very nice of you to send them, and certainly a thought-provoking one from blossom! i will get to sainsbury’s for tabasco (or some scotch bonnets) before they shut :0)

hope you are all happy and well/ coping xx