Good morning, from a newbie

Hi! Thought I’d drop by and say hello. I don’t have a 100% diagnosis yet, but the neurologist seems fairly sure that RRMS is the problem, working from MRI scans and physical symptoms, and I’ve had a lumbar puncture this week too. So this is your advance warning; assuming the results come in as expected, I may be spending some time here whining and asking stupid questions! :slight_smile:

Hi Fracastorius and welcome…

This is THE place to come and ask questions! There are loads of us expert MSers on here!

Let us know if you need any info or help with anything… or just come and share your feelings. It can be a scary time and we all know what it’s like.

What’s that expression… oh yeah… ‘There is no such thing as a stupid question’!

Takes ages to get your head round MS… so give yourself time, lots of TLC… and keep cool as poss in this weather. MS hates heat!!!

Look forward to seeing you on here again,

Pat x

Hello fracastorius ,hello pat, we were in limbo for a wile after a mri back in september 2012 showed up lesions on left frontal lobe on hubby brain since then has had many other tests only to find out these lesions are not the only ones.He has spinal lesions and many areas of scaring to his brain.Neurologist said it looks like you may of had this years.Symptoms remain as damage is done but neurologist seems to think its in remission but we dont think it is as he feels so unwell.People on this site have had a wide range of symptoms but i suppose it will vary as it depends were the lesions are and what area of the brain is affected.Neurologist said one of the old scars was directly in area were speach is controlled which explains hubbys slurring and trouble talking sometimes,as it comes and goes sometimes only hours sometimes days. but never goes completely xx julie