Gold Challenge - Anyone else?

Hi, having had a very quick diagnosis compared to a lot of you on here and accepted on treatment (Copaxone) I have decided to give a bit back and signed up for the ‘Gold Challenge’ a bit late but it all counts!

1st up is down to the Olympic Stadium on April 1st, then loads more after that for the next 6 months, including a 10k running race, the NHS Sprint Triathlon (Solo) and other funny balancing sports! My SO reckons there is a bit of denial (as I am normally very active) in taking part, but for me it is the PMA of having a goal that with a little hard work, is acheivable.

I still want the buzz of “I did that”! at the end of the year instead of the end of last year with the diagnosis and no drive to do anything.

So anyone else taking part?

No takers?

If you want to sponsor me:

Have managed to acquire a starting place for doing the 100M Sprint in the Olympic stadium on Sunday. Originally going to go down from Manchester to London as a spectator but looks like I’ll be lining up with the other charity partakers!!

Am so looking forward to it now. Many thanks to the MS charity team. Wearing the MS T Shirt with pride

Ok, 100M done at the London Stadium, trampolining done at the local Club. 2 challenges down, 8 to go!

Hi, now have done 4 challenges with the 5th today (competition long jump) and 6th on Monday (Great Manchester Cycle ride). On course for £1000 raised!

I totally forgot about this page!! Fudging from doing proper work:

My experience of visiting the Team GB House at the Olympic Stadium for ‘Afternoon Tea’

First, a little of the background of how I ended up chatting to the Olympians on Wednesday 1st August 2012.

I am a self confessed sport nut (cycling and running) last year I became ill and found even my ability to walk affected with major balance issues and had to take a long period off work. It ended with a diagnosis of RRMS and was started on daily Copaxone injections. I thought this year I needed to get back to some form of fitness.

The original idea was to complete 10 sporting challenges (some never tried) as listed by a charity called ‘Gold Challenge – choose your challenge, choose your cause’. This was an idea that all charities under one umbrella can raise money in this Olympic year with opportunities in the spirit of sport. My aim was to raise £500 for MS Society over a period of six months, all self funded. This ended up £2500 over a period fifteen weeks.

1st April was 100M sprint by charity invitation, in the Olympic Stadium, London. The events and donations then started.

Trampoling, 10k running race, White Water Kayaking, competition long jump, 26 Mile Great Manchester Cycle, badminton, 3 hours of table tennis lessons, 100M front crawl swim and then to end it all on 15th July, solo competitor in the First ever NHS Fun Sprint Triathlon held in Bolton, Lancashire (400M swim, 21k Cycle, 5k run).

On Wednesday 1st August the 10 sporting challenges went a whole circle with me attending the Team GB House in London for ‘afternoon tea’ with the Olympians watching Bradley Wiggins win gold and a presentation to the top fundraisers for each individual charity.

The presentation started with an introductory speech by Dan Thompson, founder of the challenge who took part in every Olympic and Paralympics sport and then each of the 24 winners were presented with their medals by Dalton Grant (ex High Jumper for GB who won European and Commonwealth honours as well as representing GB at the Olympics) and Noel Thatcher (registered blind, represented GB at 6 Paralympics’ games between 1988 and 2004 winning a total of 5 gold medals and carried the flag for GB at the opening ceremony in Athens, one record set with a stress fracture to his leg). This presentation was accompanied by a brief summary of what individuals had achieved for their chosen charities

“My thanks to all those who have sponsored me from Bolton Hospital NHS Trust (where I work), Radcliffe AC (my athletic club), and various other sponsors who have supported me in the 10 challenges over the 15 week period”


Hopefully your health has benefited from all this activity and you’re going to be keeping it up!

Lolli xx

The problem is that the day before I went down, a sensory relapse kicked in and still there now. Numb down both legs and hobbling around. Still at work, though in a reduced capacity. A desk bound children’s nurse! Got to get excersising again!