Going private

Sorry if this has been asked before,has anyone in wales gone private to see a neurologist? How long did you have to wait? What was the cost and did you have to go through your gp ? Thank you

I’m considering it after more issues and a non diagnosis… I’m at a loss… And there’s no advice on what this issue is if not Ms… I’m left in huge limbo… This has gone on 20 plus years

Oh no,so sorry I’ve only been like it for a couple of years,can’t imagine how frustrated and in pain you must be,it seems lots of people have been in this position,what is it that the doctors are missing,Other than listening to their patients?!

Hi Whiskers

All of my diagnosis and investigations were done privately ( Work scheme ) - all done within a week

Received the diagnosis relatively quickly ( after tests about 10 days )

Medication - now, that’s a different story

good luck