Going out my mind,opinions please

Hello,firstly i posted not long back but i didn’t really go into much detail but these past few week i have been going out my mind with worry!!! I have been having symptoms now for nearly the full year it started off with my eye condition progressing(keratoconus) which got me down and stressed,a few months later i had surgery on one of the eyes but prior to this i felt unwell prior to this i had blood in a urine sample i had to give which sent my health anxiety through the roof since then i have repeated the test about 5 times with no blood in it so no idea what that was and i also did a calprotectin test which was slightly high but the doctor didn’t seem to concerned,after the op i had a major panic attack which i had never experienced in my life this was 2 months ago,this is when the main synptoms started i started to get burning sensations in both hands like they would be on fire numbness in the fingers and pins and needles this went on for about a week or 2 i also was constantly going to urinate i would urinate then 5 mins later need to go again,the main symptom that scares me out of them all though which i have had for 2 months or more now 24/7 is the vibrates/jerks in the legs and head(mainly the head)its like a constant light jerking feels the brain is shaking from side to side and when i stare at something it feels like its moving and flickering,also when i walk sometimes it feels like im walking on a boat my legs turn to jelly and feels like im shaking from side to side its a horrible feeling,i also wake up with stiff back and calves most mornings which gradually improve throughout the day,another thing i have noticed is on my left hand between thumb and finger i can see the skin constantly twitching there is no pain or anything there i just can see the skin jumping, i have been to see 3 doctors who dismiss it and put it down to “stress” i have had blood tests which are fine and done the basic neuro tests which seem fine but yet i still have all these synptoms especially the brain jerks they are driving me insane,i demanded a neuro appointment and have one but not for 4 months!!! I am 31 and have no ms in the family,any opinions would be greatly appreciated as im going out my mind.sorry for the long post and thankyou in advance for any opinions

Hello there, don,t think I can give much guidance other than to say ms is not a disease that is hereditary. I,m the first in our family. I think there are genetic links , I.e you are at an increased risk is a family member suffers but it’s not certain that you will if that makes sense. Hope someone else here can give more guidance.


my maternal aunt had ms and i’m the only other one to have it.

you need to calm down and try to avoid getting stressed because this just makes everything much worse.

whilst waiting for your neuro appointment, contact your nearest bowel and bladder clinic because they can help with the pee problem, it’s an easy fix!

also try to learn mindfulness meditation, it really helps you to calm down and it can be used for pain relief too.