Going going gone ....

So, I have to go for another full ocular exam … have visual disturbances every day… worried can I go blind through ms?

Sorry if that’s stupid!

I do already have optic neuritis…

Anyway, probably just over thinking it…

I’m nervous as well because I have to go for my scan and if there’s anything there they will change my treatment and I don’t really want to…


Can’t guide you on the blindness question, but as far as I’m aware it’s very rare to go totally blind with MS, but don’t quote me on that!

And as far as your treatment goes, they can’t change it if you don’t want to. It’s your body and your choice of treatment. They can only really advise you but it’s up to you at the end of the day. They wanted me to change from copaxone to tecfidera but I politely declined. Stay firm.


Poor, poor Flutterby

I think it’s pretty rare to go completely blind with MS. But sadly it is possible. You need to ask all the questions you can think of at the ocular exam. In most cases, ON remits, even if it takes its own sweet time to do so.

Hopefully Doctor Geoff will see your post as he’s the eye expert.

In terms of changing your treatment, Lisa is right, you have a say in what drugs you take. The neuros can of course stop a treatment if it’s not working, or giving you side effects. Or of course if you might longer qualify for it (i.e. if it’s a DMD and you definitely stop having remission from relapses (but they still like to keep you on a DMD for as long as possible just in case). So, it’s all part of a decision that you make together with your neurologist and maybe MS nurse.


hoping for good results chuck.


Thank you all for your responses … so sorry I didn’t answer sooner my phone didn’t tell me this thread had been updated. Some how I just knew you would make me feel better and you have thank you xx

I feel daft or a bit melodramatic saying blindness but after they said it’s attacking the nerves in my eyes it made me think … where’s brain fog when you need it. … I’m heading back over there for my fix x

Well that sucks. You alright now bor? Hate it when my eyes go doolally. I can kinda cope with the rest but that really grates me. And no amount of stoopid helps.

OK, the bad bit first: yes, you can go blind through MS - but a Sssue says, this is rare and even then it is usually temporary.

You do not say what the “visual disturbances” are, but you need to know that there are two optic nerves (you have two eyes after all), and they divide on their way to the brain.
The inner side of each eye (nearest your nose) crosses over and feeds the visual image to the opposite side of your brain.
Those bits of the brain then feed back to the visual cortex, where all the visual images are fused into one percept of what you are looking at.
So, even if one eye, and its nerves fail you, you can still see quite well. You can lose depth perception close up (the experts don’t agree on how close) but probably less than 50 feet, and I have known more than one person with only one eye who was still driving. I travelled with one such on a 100 mile run across Germany, and even knowing that he only had one eye, you could not tell any difference - he had learned what to do to compensate.
If your disturbances are the two eyes “fighting” each other, a good opthalmologist will soon sort out which one is the problem, and a patch over that eye will smooth things out until your brain gets to rely on the good eye.
Fear not - all is not lost!


Hi Doctor Geoff thank you so much for taking the time to explain this for me it’s really helped !! I’m not so worried now and feel like it’s all going to be okay whatever happens so thank you ! Driving with one eye ??? Brilliant. For me it’s discs of light all different colours in my eyes daily …its a party in my eyes

Hahaha your absolutely right no amount of stoopid !! I think sometimes ms likes to remind us it’s there and I did that stoopid thing of wondering how bad it might be and panicking - thank god for this forum ! Hope you’re good carraboy!!