God I'm knackerred!

Does anyone have any solution to being completely zonked by about 2pm?

I sleep ok apart from waking up about 5am every morning, cramp, don’t you love it! I’m not on medication but just get seriously knackerred early afternoon to the extent that I now work from home most days from lunchtime onwards. Guess I’m lucky I can do that but even so… Feels like I’m carrying a backpack full of rubble on my back!

Any suggestions welcome!x


Hi Chris

It seems to me Chris, that if cramp is waking you up early, then you need that nap in the afternoon.

Why not ask your doc if there is some med you can try for the cramp.

Try some Tonic Water in the evening. The quinine in that may help the cramp.

Good luck xx

Hi, try magnesium tablets,I started taking them a few months and my cramps in my legs have disappeared I take 350mg a day.

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fatigue!its the worse part for me, i could sleep for 12 hrs at night then if i do s.f.a. all day im ok, but if i do anything, supermarket shop, have to make phone calls, wether mildly energetic or stressful im bushed, if i dont sleep it ends in an emotional meltdown! I dont know what to suggest, but try and listen to your body. I then want to eat sugar for a pick me up, which does not work and enters a cycle as the sugar does not help. AGHH! Good luck, and its good you can work from home,

If I don’t get it done in the morning, it doesn’t get done! I always walk (on my mobility scooter) the dog after breakfast but it was *issing it down today so I had to give it a miss. The sun is shining now (lunch time) but my oomph has gone. All I want to do is sleep. I have learnt from bitter experience that it is possible to power through the sleepiness but I will pay for it big time later. It is far better to curl up with a blanket for a couple of hours and then I can prepare a meal and stay up later than 7.30!

I am lucky because I’m retired and don’t have family to look after but it is better to listen to my fatigue and take a rest when required, or pay the piper later on