God i hope not.

Firstly i would like to say hello too everyone, and hope your all keeping well in this mad world we seem too find our selves in.

Secondly i hope i don’t offend anyone with the title of this thread, but well i really hope i don’t have MS.

I’m not one for googling symptoms, but i have been having a really crap time from a couple of weeks before Christmas. A bit of back ground into what’s been going on.

In 2018 i had my first run in with Vertigo, it was bad couldn’t smile or anything, doctor thought i was getting that thing where the side of your face drops ( can’t for the life of me remember the name of it :frowning: ), but thankfully it wasn’t, just bad vertigo which lasted a couple of months.

Had a couple of more bouts of vertigo thankfully nothing serious, that is until a couple of weeks before Christmas this year, really bad vertigo, side of mouth numb, tingling sensation in legs, pain in centre of back, numbness in right hand which could go up to near my elbow, as if i had slept on it that sort of feeling. Then a couple of weeks clear near the end of February start of March.

Then i started to have what i can only describe as a semi Vertigo, if that’s even a thing. Thing’s don’t spin but can move slightly too the right then back, not all the time just when i do any thing physical, there is tingling in my legs which feel tired most of the time, my knees give way with no warning what so ever, really embarrassing when in public, numbness in right hand most of the time, goes down to wee finger and the one beside it, can get up too near the elbow. Also really bad balance, at times you’d think i was drunk.

The reason i’m here is my rheumatology rang me up for my review, and was going through my aliments and asked if i had a LP done, didn’t even know what an LP was. Then too my horror she said it was a test for MS, i had a MRI done in January which showed lesions Doctor said was caused by migraines, which was strange, as i never get a headache, but never thought much about it. Until as i said rheumatology mentioned it. Then i did the silliest thing that i never do googled it :(.

So i’m here looking too ask you fine people your thought’s, am i hopefully barking up the wrong tree. I really do wish i had never googled it.

Hi Mac-70
I don’t think anyone on this forum would offer anything other than opinions based on their own experiences. The symptoms you describe could be caused by a multitude of things, so it is important to get your GP to refer you to a neurologist who can interpret your MRI scan and LP results. This along with a clinical examination should help with a diagnosis of any neurological condition. Dr Google has vast amounts of info but none of it is specific to you. I would advise (albeit very difficult) that you try to keep speculation very small and try to deal with any specific day to day issues.
All the best mick

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Thanks for the reply Mick.

Rheumatology has referred me to a neurologist, as for the LP haven’t got it done yet if i even get offered one. Your right Mick about not reading too much into the unknown, just when i read the symptoms of MS i can tick alot of the boxes, but i do have other conditions that can muddy the water.

Just this light headed feeling and very bad balance, tingling sensation, numbness in my hand, knees giving out, stiffness in neck. It really has me doing and thinking all sorts lol, and that’s not me, i usually easy going, but this has really been ongoing from before Christmas, and has me think all sorts.

Sometimes other people opinions and experiences can help, though i do know it can also be a double edge sword.

As before thanks for your reply Mick.


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It can be tough to know which bits of info to follow. Some of your symptoms sound very similar to mine but will also apply other neurological conditions which is why (in my opinion) you need to be examined by a neurologist. All the best Mick

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Most definitely the neurologist is the only way forward. Do you mind Mick if ask you what type of MS you have, and do you get any remission from it. I go to bed every night hoping to wake up next morning and it be gone. Sadly my hopes and prayers have yet too be answered.

I think one of the hardest things is my friends/family have noticed my memory/thinking time, and alway’s comment when i can’t remember names/places. Well it’s not that i can’t remember it’s just getting that name to the front and out :(. I’d swear that every time i try thinking that hard, that there’s a pressure build up in my head.


Hi again, yup indeed, my own MS was diagnosed in 1991 as Relapsing remitting. I had some nasty balance / numbness and fatigue as well as various other minor issues. Some big relapses poleaxed me and led to extended time off work. I was offered no DMT but did have some steroids.

I always seemed to remit back to about 80% of how i was before the relapse. I enentually got back to full employment and riding a motorcycle. In 2006 I was skiing and was even worse as a skier than usual. i also notice that i started to stumble and limp a bit. In 2007 I had a private neuro consultation where I was diagnosed as secondary progressive.

I am not sure if my memory issues or struggle to find words is MS or old age related.
All the best

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That’s a right time you have had with MS Mike, and getting back into full time employment. Hmm old age now that it could be :laughing:

Moping time is over for me, i just needed to get the head cleared. Anyway i’ll just keep bouncing of stuff till i see neurologist, hopefully it’s something simple.

Thank you for your time Mike, and all the best.


Hi Mac

You definitely have the right approach. Obviously no one wants MS unless they want their head seeing to (:rofl:)!

Mind you, consulting Dr Google isn’t a good idea. Basically, there are so many symptoms attached to MS that many, many people could assume their symptoms are caused by that. Nearly all of them are wrong. It sometimes seems like a common diagnosis, but actually it’s not. So there is a chance that you have MS, but it’s more likely that you don’t.

Even if you did have it, about 85% of people diagnosed with MS have the relapsing remitting variety. This means episodes may come and take some time to either partially or completely remit (ie get better).

I was diagnosed with RRMS like Mick (not Mike, though I’m sure he doesn’t care!) but in 1997. The problem for both of us was that there were no disease modifying drugs available then. They weren’t around until 2002. Even then, my rubbish system didn’t like any of the 4 I tried over the years (mine has been an unusual situation - most people can take at least one DMD).

The idea of DMDs is to reduce the number and severity of relapses. So it makes people with RRMS less likely to experience severe relapses. Thus, they can keep working for longer.

As it happened to me though, even without DMDs, I managed to stay able bodied and to work full time until 2006.

With the help of good DMDs, people diagnosed with RR today are more able to stay able bodied. So essentially, diagnosis ultimately might be a good thing for many. It means they can get decent drug treatments and experience less relapses (and less brain lesions).

Best of luck


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Thanks for the reply Sue, agreed about DR Google, handy for somethings but others not so good.

Good spot on me changing Mick’s name too mike lol, not sure how/why i did that as my friend is called Mick ;).

I’m pretty sure Mick doesn’t mind so long as you don’t call him Michelle. Although actually I think he’d prefer Michelle to Michael! I think it makes him feel like he’s been a naughty boy :imp:!


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I think i’ll cancel the neurologist appointment Sue and go see Mick, i think he got the right call on old age :laughing:.


Right as usual Sue, I could not give a flying fig what people call me. I have had several less than wonderful nicknames!

… and my mum would bellow “michael” so the whole neighbourhood knew when I’d been naughty. If I was in serious trouble she would be quieter and use my middle name as well (deep do doos) some parts of the extended family call me michel (in a french way) to try and wind me up, but I really don’t care.

Google is a multi faceted place, where there is some good info and lots of utter tripe, but it is not always easy to differentiate.

With regard to drugs and DMTs, I have tried some fairly powerful chemicals and I can not say if they have had any effect positive or negative! My innate inertia seems to extend to my reactions to drugs.
Fingers crossed Mac does not have MS or some other nasty, just some “lightweight” viral thingie which can be stamped on by drugs or therapies of some kind.
Mick/Mike/Michael/Michel… whatever

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