Go on, admit it!

Hello all,

I am just wondering if there is anyone else like me, who has chosen a name for their walking stick (or scooter)? My own stick goes by the name of ‘Malcolm’ and I know that it isn’t just me being a loon, as my friend that also uses a stick has called hers ‘Sticky’. Go on, admit it!


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My rollators called Malky. I was visiting my sister who lives in the states. We were out for lunch an she told me to “park malky over there” We both burst out laughing and malkys been named ever since… :smiley:

Is Malky short for Malcolm? Does that mean there are already two mobility aids called Malcolm, in the few replies so far?

Is there some joke I’m obviously not getting about Malcolm being an apt name for a walking aid?

Hello Moira

I don’t have a name for my walking stick. Used to have a name for my car…can’t remember it now though

My walking stick is abstract purple. I am going to hereby christening it ‘Charlotte’ one of my favourite names

My stick is called Cedric and my scooter is Speedy!

Sarah x


my stick is called ‘orms’ after a footie player of the late ‘1980s’ nicknamed sticks. Played for bradford city and later Aston villa!!

my chair is Andy off little Britain.


My wheelchair is indie (short for independence) named by Shazzie I think, if my memory serves me right. Which it often doesn’t! So apologies if it was someone else!

My scooter is Legs 11.

I haven’t got a name for my stick perhaps because it’s ever present and therefore some how less welcome than the other two. Which sounds a bit the wrong way round I know.

No Tina it’s not some joke you’re not getting. It’s just a coincidence they’re the same name…

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Makes perfect sense shuffler. Im the same with my rollator, but that day my sis named him. I honestly feel happier using him now he’s been named. That sounds a bit stupid don’t it? but i kinda, don’t resent him quite as much, I suppose is what I’m tryna say

Hello Libertine, Tina, Blossom, Sarah, Neil & Shuffler,

Thanks to everyone for getting back to me. I love all of the names but perhaps especially Neil’s name of ‘orms’ as I am a fellow Villa fan (‘victim’ more like). I bought my stick when I was in Scotland to climb Ben Nevis (pre MS of course) so I gave him a Scottish name.

Thanks to everyone for making me feel a tad more normal!


Hiya guys, thanks for the invite. This is first time here. I’ve got names for my crouch’s to. My loyal friends are called trigger and Oscar. Never go far without them. Great pals.

Hiya Guys, thanks for the invite. Very new to this venue. And yes, I have names for my trusty crouch’s. They are called Trigger and Oscar. They are never far from me. And sometimes they throw me aside, but I do make it back up. I think there having a laugh. Enjoy everyone and be safe.


when i was able to use my walker i called it dollopy (cant recall why now!)

been using powerchair 18 months now-its time it got a name i suppose…

others have referred to it as speedy so may just go with that…