Gluten free sausages


Supermarkets seem to offer the odd gluten free sausage. The frozen ones at Sainsbury in the frozen free from section are really great, but ‘Sally’s Sizzlers’ in something I recently stumbled accross and they are a lot finer with different types available to suit your taste.


Have you tried M & S, all of their sausages and burgers are gluten free

Thank you, nice tip that. I’ll have a look. At one time my local M&S was the biggest in Europe. Not now but it’s still huge.


Sally’s Sizzlers, eh? That sounds like a fine tip, particularly since they deliver. Not that I tend to tuck into too many sausages, but 'tis the season of barbecues, after all.

And how about Helen Browning’s organic “Speedy Sausages” made from free range happy pigs (let’s not analyse that one too closely!), nut free, dairy free, GM free and gluten free? I’ve not had one for quite a while, but they tasted good last time I tried 'em.

Lolli xx