Gluten, does anybody know about it?

I have Benin quite I’ll for four months now with fatigue from hell. I have put on a stone. I have been working away from home in a job that was meant to be a work from home position that couldn’t actually be done from home. Consequently With a numb right arm and fatigue I drove 200 miles on Monday and 200 miles back on Friday. This wore me thin and I gradually became worse and worse. The fatigue seemed to follow swollen and sore flesh flare ups around my mouth and lips. I have been to the GP three times with it so far. I have now given up the job as the contract ended and renewing it was not an option in this condition. I am now so weak that I cannot go out on my own and cannot even take a bath or shower without hubby with me. I am in bed writing this. All blood tests are normal! Now the question: could it be gluten intolerance?

your best bet is to go gluten free and see if you feel better, it will take at least a month to start working


Sorry you’re feeling so done in - fatigue’s always a killer, and I find it hard to stay positive. Try & make sure you find little things to do every day that will bring you life & enjoyment without being too taxing.

Not sure about the problems with your flesh, but it sounds like this is mostly a case of having your body pushed too much by the job.I’d speak to your MS nurse or neuro as they may consider this a relapse, or you may be able to get a drug for treating fatigue like Amantadine or Modafinil. But, as Joy said, try going gluten free and see how it helps.

Good luck


Hi, I’ve found that the more I rest, the worse my fatigue gets. Over the Xmas hols I’ve been staying in bed til 10am or so and always feel knackered. I need to get up every hour at least and just walk around a bit, even if it’s only going to the loo. Looking forward to school starting up again as I get up at 6.15am and can get so much done. I’ve been on the Best Bet Diet for about 5 years and have found that gluten does effect my energy levels, but for me it’s a combination thing. Just giving up gluten isn’t on it’s own beneficial, and if you read up on the various diets, they’re more to do with making sure you’re getting loads of nutrition and eating a good diet rather than just giving up one aspect of what could be an unhealthy diet. I’ve had other things to consider besides MS so know I’ve not done as well as I could have done, plus everything is so expensive these days you have to make compromises along the way. Heather