Global parenchyma atrophy

Has anyone had the above :point_up_2: in their MRI results? I have a‘degree’ of it.

That means global brain atrophy - ie generalised atrophy throughout the brain.

As people age their brain will gradually atrophy, even if they have no degenerative neurological condition. It depends if your atrophy is typical for your age, or disproportionate for your age, as to whether you need to worry about it.

And the degree of atrophy does not necessarily correlate with the degree of cognitive or other decline. If you have built up lots of brain connections over your lifetime your brain has more resilience - more pathways to use as an alternative if some are lost through disease / age.

MS does cause brain atrophy, and typically at a faster rate than the general population.

I have global atrophy plus also disproportionate in the parietal region. My global atrophy is not too much worse than expected for my age, but the amount in the parietal region is considerably more than you would normally expect for my age. Now with me that could possibly indicate early-onset alzheimer’s, though there is none in my family. However it looks as if it is more likely caused by the botulinum toxin that I have been given over 10 years to treat cervical dystonia - which is known about in research papers but which neurologists don’t want to contemplate as they tend to be quite keen on prescribing botulinum toxin.