Glandular fever & ms

Hello I’m new to this forum.

in April 2018 I was Diagnosed with a inner ear infection in both ears, worse in my right ear. I also started with flu like symptoms.

i then lost all of my balance and fell face first if I let go off anything and would go dizzy (the room was spinning) every time I stood up.

In may 2018 I was diagnosed with glandular fever.

June 2018 my balance started to get better slowly but my walking was affected. I don’t walk in a straight line I via to the left. It’s now affecting my left knee and hip causing pain. My doctor referred me to an ent

September 2018 I had my ent appointment, my hearing test came back fine, he did a balance test and said that was fine. He has sent me for a MRI scan and Physiotherapy but he said he thinks i should be sent to a neurologist.

Last night I turned over in bed on had vertigo for about 15 minuets it felt like I was spinning. 10 minuets later it happened again. So I went to my doctor to see if it was my nystagmus and he said he thinks it’s ear related. He put me on prochlorperazine to try and help with my dizziness.

After looking at the symptoms of MS I can’t help but think I had the early stages, I’ve had lack off contraction, trouble with my memory, muscle spasms, tingling in my feet and fingers and a weakness on my left side.

Do you think I should see a neurologist or should I wait to see how my ear MRI comes back, I’m currently feeling lost as to what is wrong with me.

hi melly

your gp is doing a great job of referring you to specialists.

go to both the ent and neurology appointments to get the answers that you need.

be strong and try not to get stressed.

carole x